HOTEL REGENERATION: Simone Micheli with Arneg for a new definition of hotel

From April 16th to 22nd, during the Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan, the Architecture and Design by Simone Micheli meet the Retail Solutions by Arneg and Intrac.

Hotel Regeneration, exhibition-event over an area of more than 4000 square meters hosted by Officina Ventura 14, inside the Lambrate Design District, will present to the visitor numerous split hotels as works of art to experience, all with the aim to show the international hospitality trends. By inserting special shopping corners inside the hotel, Simone Micheli's idea is designed to simplify the guest's stay by meeting his needs, thus expanding his comfort zone with an invitation to comfort and well-being. 

Arneg Group, as partner of "Hotel Regeneration, designed by Simone Micheli", with this collaboration wants to communicate its multifaceted character, demonstrating its ability to look beyond the usual and contributing to the definition of the trends of the sector as not only commercial but also social protagonists within the modern large-scale retail trade.

Hotel Regeneration represents an opportunity for Arneg Group to meet the world of hoteliers, the place to make hospitality professionals have a talk with the retail world creating a new synergy in the name of a "made to measure" consumer experience. 

The furniture

Intrac is present within the Winery-bookshop, Re-Generation Bar and Infopoint areas.

Arneg is present in the Winery-bookshop area.

Come to discover the hotel and its tailor-made consumer experience!


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