Arneg global innovation is a hit at Euroshop 2014

It was a very successful Euroshop 2014 for Arneg Group

It was a very successful Euroshop 2014 for Arneg Group, the most important international retail capital goods fair.

The common theme of the new stand dressing – with strong visual and emotional impact as Arneg tradition would have it – was the global dimension of the Group, which has branches across all continents and powerful international innovative drive.

‘Into the world’ was the slogan selected for the occasion, geared towards representing the world in all senses. The world of nature, technology, art and culture. The world of food and drink, trade and supermarkets. The world of the Arneg Group and all its branches. The world of the people who make the world a better place with the energy of their ideas, the environmental sustainability of their solutions and the ethics of their choices.

A pathway wound through macro areas, exhibition spaces and extremely striking scenarios designed to arouse curiosity in a highly advanced business project. It was a pathway put together in essential steps like the O-ZONE project presentation, which is yielding excellent results, conceived together with Padua University in order to experiment with using ozone in commercial refrigeration systems, with a view to improving food product conservation hygiene and safety.


Another highlight was the global preview presentation of a magnetic refrigeration display cabinet prototype which produces cold using the magnetocaloric effect, in collaboration with Cooltech Applications (France). It’s a real revolution in terms of energy saving, protecting the environment and safety.


The World of Technology also attracted major interest – interaction with a giant touch screen allowed us to show real time energy consumption and relative savings of individual retail outlets whose maintenance is managed by Arneg.

This once again conveys the high level of innovation in Arneg products and solutions, for which the trade fair provided the perfect opportunity to clearly demonstrate, in displaying new refrigerated shop fitting solutions that perfectly combine design and functionality. A perfect example is without doubt, the assisted shopping concept version Brasilia wall-site cabinet especially designed to meet the needs of people with mobility issues thanks to an automated system which can be managed via an on-board touchscreen or iPad.

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Another particularly important event was thepublic recognition of the work of architect Paolo Lucchetta, who was invited to the Arneg stand after the prize-giving. He is the first Italian retail designer to receive the prestigious Euroshop Retail Design Award 2014 for creating COOP.FI (Novoli), an innovative project also created through collaboration with Arneg who supported the project with advanced refrigeration technology and ad hoc store fitting solutions.

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Special thanks go to those who helped make the trade fair the success it was the people who worked day and night, the customers whose requirements are the stimulus for new solutions and the huge crowds of visitors who came to the Arneg stand.

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