Alphamega and Arneg together for the new store in Cyprus

3000 square meters of quality, freshness and technology always respecting the environment

In Polemidia, in Cyprus, is born a new store: Alphamega.

The supermarket located inside the Limassol shopping mall offers its customers a high quality shopping experience characterized by fresh and local products, and cutting-edge customers services, such as automatic check-out counters and video touch screens able to guide consumers in the choice of the products.

In order to guarantee the quality, authenticity and freshness of all the products on display, especially those in the served areas such as butchery, delicatessen, fish shop and fruit and vegetables, Alphamega has chosen the Arneg Group as its refrigeration partner.

For the occasion Arneg has provided its best retail solutions able to enhance the 3000 square meters of the supermarket both from an aesthetic and performance point of view.

Among the refrigerated furniture that furnish the store we find:

VENEZIA 2, the "all-glass" display cabinet used for meat, fish and delicatessen;

LISBONA 2, the cabinet here used in its semi-vertical and vertical with glass door version;

SANTIAGO 2, the vertical glass doors used to store sausages, salami and dairy products;

- CHESTER 2, the semi-vertical cabinet dedicated to fruit, vegetables and fourth range products;

- TORONTO and ASTANA, the island and the vertical glass doors used here for frozen food.


But, in addition to the well-organized and furnished layout of the store, Arneg also supplied BOOSTER, the efficient CO2 transcritical system able to guarantee, thanks to the use of natural refrigerants, the freshness of the products on display while reducing, at the same time, the environmental impact. All this together to offer customers in the new Alphamega store a high-quality shopping experience with an eye to the health of our planet.

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