Корпоративные aрхив новостей

All the pics from São Paulo

Thanks to all the guests that visited Arneg Brasil at the FIPAN 2017 fair.

1977-2017: the first forty years of Arneg Portugal

Arneg's subsidiary in Portugal, Arneg Portuguesa, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

До свидания, Euroshop! До встречи в 2020 году!

Концепция «Sharing Avenue», реализованная на стенде  концерна Arneg на выставке Euroshop 2017, явила собой место общения и обмена мнениями, место, где встречаются вкус

The emotional value of the product told by Arneg furnitures and the economist Daniele Tirelli.

Springs into action the fourth thrilling day of Euroshop 2017 in the sign of sharing and making group.

Third day of Euroshop in the name of new meanings of consumption and innovative retail formats.

An endless queue of customers and visitors runs along the lively and dynamic Sharing Avenue. This is how begins this third day of exhibition at the Arneg stand.