Arneg France leads with refrigeration the restyling of the French supermarket

The well-known French supermarket chain E.Leclerc has chosen the latest state-of-the-art solutions of Arneg France to renovate its store in Peronne, France.

The store, with its 4,500 square meters of surface area, offers its customers a modern and clear shopping experience, thanks to a layout designed in every detail to maximize the different areas and merchandise displayed in the store.

The Arneg refrigerated counters make this store unique and, above all, give it a warm and welcoming style

The serve-over counter, ARLES, is certainly the furnishing element that makes the most of the local cold cuts, cheeses and ready-to-eat dishes in the gastronomy area, as well as the fine cuts of meat in the butcher's area. Thanks to the special glass panel design, totally without metal supports, Arles highlights the colors and quality of the goods, inviting you to buy.

For fresh products, the vertical refrigerated cabinet with glass doors, OSAKA 3P, was the winning choice. While for the promotional area we find the TARBES and VELDEN 3 islands, ergonomic and perfect for impulse purchases.

The semi-vertical cabinet PANAMA 3P was the choice for the display and preservation of pre-packaged products, such as fish.

Finally, to enhance the quality of frozen products, Arneg offered to the store the vertical glass door cabinet ASTANA P and the island, TORONTO 4P.

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