Minsk 3P, Santiago 2 and Osaka 3P

Lighter consumption, thanks to the air of Arneg Air System!

A new chapter opens up in the world of commercial refrigeration thanks to Arneg Air System: no more defrost, energy consumption -37% and constant food preservation temperature.

Available on the Minsk 3P, Santiago 2 and Osaka 3P lines, it consists of a special circulation of air inside the refrigerated compartment which, using dynamic air blades, is able to optimize energy efficiency.

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Flat surfaces and straight lines combine with large glass doors and excellent lighting to offer a complete view of the products on display. The height of the 625 mm shelves, the same width as the single door, can be adjusted adapting the unit to all packaging types and offering a more versatile display combination.

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Vertical refrigerated cabinet with hinged glass doors built with the most advanced energy saving technologies. The special unheated glassdoors in combination with low-power electronic ventilators provide the optimal level of food temperature with a 57% energy consumption reduction compared with the open version of the same cabinet.

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Elegant and minimalist, the large storage volume marries with a simple installation and maintenance. Available with double or single glass doors for the maximum products visibility, it is equipped with adjustable shelves able to adapt to all display needs.

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