Температурный класс
Storage temperature °C
0 +2
<p>Средняя температура</p>
Выносное холодоснабжение
<p>Динамическое охлаждение</p>
<p>Естественная оттайка</p>
<p>Средние форматы</p>
<p>Упакованные фрукты и овощи</p>
<p>Овощи и фрукты</p>
<p>Колбасные изделия</p>

Classe energetica F
Information related to energy class (Ecodesign Regulation 2019/2024 and Energy Labelling Regulation 2019/2018) refers to specific product configurations. All configurations other than that presented in the website could require significantly different energy class information.
For further details, either consult the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL) or contact our sales office.

Francoforte offers a series of build features particularly suited to discount stores.
Tough components and the high shelf and basin load capacity combine with simple access for cleaning and maintenance, the whole for a superior technical performance.

Длина без боковин
Горизонтальная площадь выкладки
2500 mm
6,55 m2
3750 mm
9,83 m2
Изображение в разрезе