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High-performing, transparent, stylish. 
Cannes, the new "total vision" assisted meat sales cabinet, is the result of Arneg's most advanced research into providing a contemporary interpretation of industry professionals’ requirements and optimising the product's emotional value. Maximum use of vertical space, extreme visibility, total refrigeration throughout the cabinet interior, double-sided assisted service with the addition of glass doors and a wide range of available accessories make this the most brilliant expression of versatile display and functional application.

Длина без боковин
Горизонтальная площадь выкладки
Полезный объём
937 mm
1,31 m2
0 dm3
1250 mm
1,75 m2
0 dm3
1875 mm
2,62 m2
0 dm3
2500 mm
3,49 m2
0 dm3
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